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TSS Towers,
179, Kavuri Hills-Phase-II,
Hyderabad - 500081,
Andhra Pradesh, India.

Phone: 0091-40-49021201 to 49021299
Fax: 0091-40-49021225 / 49021265


AUM Agrotech was established in 1999 manufacturer of Herbal Plant Protection and Crop Production Products and R&D work, extraction, isolation of various Phytochemicals from plant materials.

Providing Consultancy Services for organic agriculture, cultivation, extraction & processing of medicinal and aromatic plants, product development, concept development, Neutracutical & functional foods development and technology transfer.

Manufacturing various natural products for animal healthcare and dietary supplements, involved in the research and isolation of various important known Phytochemicals from plant origin. Our setup consists of formulation plant, extraction plant, purification plant and various critical unit operations for commercial isolation of active ingredients.

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  • AUM’s Bio Products for  Agriculture/Horticulture/Floriculture
  • AUM Neem Plus
  • AUM Plant Nutrient
  • AUM Seed Coating Agent
  • AUM Soil Conditioner
  • AUM Green Manure
  • AUM’s Bio Products for Public Health
  • AUM Vector Spray (Household)
  • AUM Vector Spray (Animal Husbandry)
  • AUM Vector Spray (Warehouse)
  • AUM Vector Spray (Termites)
  • OMO Room Freshener cum pest repellent
  • Manufacture of Herbal Based Plant Protection And Crop Production Products
  • Consultancy for Product Development
    • Formula Development
    • Concept Development
    • Technology development and transfer
    • Tissue culture and Bio Technology
  • Consultancy Services for organic farming of medicinal and aromatic plants
  • Marketing Support
  • Scientific Support
    • Product Documentation, Literature Survey and support
    • Analytical Methods 
    • Registration
Shipping Turnkey Project Exports Infrastructure International Ttrading Agrotech Saw Pipe Natural Herbal Products Facility & Property Management
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